Completed Projects

Ships Out of Water
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Director: Linda Searle
Producer: Linda Searle
Editor: Sumo

A Musical Story
***Single Release 9th Feb 2009***



Director: Linda Searle
Producer: Linda Searle
Concept: Paul Johnson & LM Alton
Band: Chapter XIII
Editor: Sumo

Screening history:
Portabello Film Festival 2008
Bristol Brief Encounters 2008

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Music video featuring Bristol based rock band Chapter XIII and composed score by Andy Odber. Filmed on location on the West Somerset Steam Railway and West Bagborough Church, a gothic romance in a beautiful setting.
She's seen the outcome, the consequences of the wrong choice. It's valentine's day, her wedding, his funeral. Secretly he's there with her, bringing a valentine gift on her wedding day.

The Lights Of Santa Cruz
25 minutes HD-DVCAM
Director: Anita Parry
Producer: Linda Searle
Screen Play:

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“It was only ever about doing up a boat together – to go to the sun…”

Tom and Beth share the same dream – to spend the remainder of their lives in the Canary Islands, running their own charter boat for tourists. As strangers, they took the biggest gamble in their lives in buying a derelict boat together, and two years back-breaking restoration work is about to pay off. They leave in a fortnight. Tom’s wayward son Robbie, in with local bad lads, will go with them. Sunshine, new start, new lives. But when Beth gets the worst news possible, Tom has a further surprise in store. There’s a new life ahead, but not in Santa Cruz.

25mins live action romance. DVD. South West arena; cast; director; producer; crew; writer all local.

The Golden Man
20 minutes DVCAM
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Director: Robert Miles
Producer: Linda Searle
Screen Play: L.M. Alton & Robert Edmonds
Editor: Dan Gale
Actors: Tom Owen, James Foster, Simon Norbury, Emily Gardiner, Laurence Morgan

Overbearing Ray runs the isolated wetland family farm with grandson Ted. It's Ted who retrieves a pagan relic from the dark depths of the ditch, the figurine of an antlered man in solid gold.
Visiting salesman, Hoyland sees there's a sizeable fortune to be made and supports Ray's blunt overruling of Ted's obsessive desire to keep the statue. The next morning Ray finds that he's now party to an appalling secret.

Badgers At Midnight
20 minutes DVCAM
Director: Anita Parry
Producer: Linda Searle
Writer: Linda Alton, Jan Weddup
Editor: Dan Gale
Actors: Peter Ellis, Joanna Gordon

When reclusive farmer Jack Baines receives a visit from the niece he last saw 20 years ago, he little realizes the influence she will have on his decision to sell the family farm. She whittles away at his resolve until he withdraws from the sale and determines to soldier on, but is Stephanie all she seems.

In Development

The Voice
10 Minute Short
Seeking the tranquility of the sunset across the bay, desperate for love, the story of burnt out, ex-city trader Phil and his extraordinary blind date.

Stories With Light
90 Minute Feature Film
Magic, mystery and an ancient card game drawing together two lovers divided by the velvet revolution of Prague. A story of love lost and found.

Danny and James
25 Episode 10 Minute Series
Cell Animation
Takes children from the everyday world of pocket money and school dinners to a place of comic fantasy where one acorn can cause wide spread panic.